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FOLKSONGS for the VIOLIN (Parts 1-4)
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Part 1: Discovering the Violin ... Available Now

Part 2: The Violin in Major Keys ... Available Now

Part 3: Third Position, Modes and Pentatones ... Available Now

Part 4: A Brief Introduction to the Second, Half, Fourth, and Fifth Positions ... Available Now


THE VIOLINIST'S THEORY NOTEBOOK (Parts 1-2)   as .pdf E-books

Part 1: Learning to Read the Treble Clef Notes ... Available Now

Part 2: Musicianship for Young Violinists ... Available Now

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  • LEARN TO PLAY THE VIOLIN  with Your Favorite Folksongs

  • Graded Folk Music for Beginners and Advanced Learners of All Ages
  • Play the Violin and Enjoy the Music


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Violin Music for Learners

You know how a lot of Violin beginner music is rather uninspiring, or it doesn't fit into your teaching curriculum – wrong keys, too hard, too easy, totally ungraded, doesn't flow readily from one teaching point to the next.....

A few years back, I read an impassioned plea from a violin teacher:

"What can I give my beginners to play?"

Well, I was using Folk songs with my 6 and 7 year old beginner violin classes (the same Folk songs that their Headmaster had taught them to sing at School Assembly) and they just loved them, especially the rollicking ballads!

So I kept right on using Folksongs for all my beginners, from Kindergarten through High School teenagers to adults, and they all still love Folksongs, and so do their families!

And here is something that is important to me, and I'm sure it will be to you too:
I am never BORED with Folksongs. Even the simplest Folksong is a miniature masterpiece.

  • Folk music is the basis of all music.
  • School children sing Folk music.
  • School recorder bands play Folk music.

So, following the old educational theory of proceeding from the known to the unknown, it makes good sense to begin violin education with Folk music.

  • Folk Song and Folk Dance are the foundation of all music.
  • Folk music is pure music – quality music in good taste.
  • The study of Classical Music begins with Folk Music.....


... for Beginner Violin Students

...and for Musicians who like Folk Music...

  • Four Books of GRADED FOLKSONGS containing:-
  • 312 of everyone's favourite Traditional melodies from 38 countries!
  • Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Learners of All Ages...


     Excite your beginner violinists' interest and keep them motivated
          while they learn to play the violin


     ...Help your Violin beginners to read music
          fluently and accurately


Two Theory Workbooks, starting in the Treble Clef,
especially designed for the needs of beginner violinists.