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Free Newsletter - Final Issue, December, 2004.

(The Articles from the Newsletters can be found in the Archive: see below)

  • Who was Barbara Allan?   (January, 2003)
  • Why did Stenka Razin drown his beloved new bride?   (November, 2002)
  • A Californian Gold Rush song from the Hanseatic Port of Hamburg?  (September, 2002)
  • Robert Burns wrote a poem about a man called McPherson (the robber
    son of a nobleman and a gypsy girl), who had a 6 foot long sword and
    played the violin. The sword still exists, but McPherson played his violin
    to the crowd and then smashed it just before he was hanged.
  • The modern violin is a direct descendant of the bowed rebec.
  • Who were the Shakers? What were their "Simple Gifts"?  (July, 2002)
  • Why should "Amazing Grace" be harmonized using pentatonic harmony (February, 2004)
    and why should "Santa Lucia" be harmonized using mainly
    3rds and 6ths, rather than 3rds and 5ths?
  • What is a Scotch Snap? What is an Hungarian Snap? (No, they're not
    something to eat! ...But I found a good recipe for Brandy Snaps!)  (June, 2002)
  • Which 16th Century English Christmas Carol ends on a Tierce de
    ? (What is a Tierce de Picardie?)   (May, 2002)
  • Which Bell called Dick Whittington back to become Lord Mayor of London?
    (Yes, it' a true story! He was Lord Mayor four times.)  (March, 2003)
  • What happened Nine Miles from Gundagai? Where is Gundagai? (September, 2003)
  • Which tune is (notoriously) played by a bagpiper with a hangover?
  • Why did 18th century milkmaids have such beautiful complexions,
    while society ladies often did not?  (May, 2003)

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